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Our modus operandi consists in helping our agents improve the quality of our customers’ lives, by paying constant attention to their needs and demands. Xenia® products are especially designed to promote well-being and meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our products are distributed through the network of independent agents exclusively; they are not available in stores. By using the products themselves, our representatives know their effectiveness directly and promote them personally through personal communication and sharing of actual experiences. The business model adopted fosters the growth and prosperity of anyone who wants to operate as Xenia® Independent Sales Representative. We believe in a model of conscious and ethical business, respecting people, the planet and comprehensive prosperity.

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Since the company was set up in 2005, Xenia has been operating under three basic conditions:

number1PRODUCT INTEGRITY: we offer only top-quality products and exclusive formulae, specifically designed to improve the well-being of users. Thanks to their effectiveness, an enthusiastic word of mouth is triggered, driving more and more customers to request our products. That is why we offer our customers our Xenia® total satisfaction guarantee since the very first day.

number 2INTEGRITY OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: we help our sales representatives gain financial freedom by creating a fair and rewarding business plan.

number 3CULTURAL INTEGRITY: : we help people from all social backgrounds share their talents and are ready to show them that every target is attainable by moving together towards a common goal. Xenia® sales representatives help each other by working together to achieve maximum success.


Led by a reliable management team of professionals, Xenia® has evolved into the reference point in the distribution of technological FIR fibre clothing, phytonutrients and highly functional cosmetics in the Italian and Swiss direct sales sector.

The combination of a wide range of premium products and low-risk business opportunities makes Xenia one of the most popular companies in the industry.