calendulaAll our supplements in the NSG format are produced in the laboratories of the SVEBA GROUP, one of the leading European companies for innovation, flexibility and know-how, specialized in the production of plant extracts carefully selected by EVRA, a 100% Italian company with a certified supply chain.


EVRA produces, in one of the best preserved natural environments in Italy, plant extracts of the highest quality from both cultivated and spontaneous plants: it is, in fact, located in the uncontaminated territory of the Pollino National Park which in 2015 officially became part of of the Unesco World Heritage Site.

The influence of the "3 seas" (Mediterranean, Ionian, Adriatic) creates a particular microclimate that makes the cultivation of these lands unique in the world.

Thanks to the various supply chain projects, EVRA can have raw materials that are processed with zero impact using EVRA's exclusive extraction processes. The extracts produced in this way are unique in the world.

This is why XENIA has decided to rely on EVRA and SVEBA for the production of its line of NSG supplements: our Research and Development team has collaborated with EVRA in the selection of the finest plant extracts to offer only the best to its customers.


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