SYN is the patent of the Istituto Ecologico Edelweiss number 0001299885.
The cosmetics of the SYN Line, like all Edelweiss products, are formulated with medicinal plants from spontaneous collection, but they have one more secret: the patent. A particular procedure, suitable for certain categories of cosmetics, which visually occurs with the insertion, inside each bottle of product, of a sprig of the medicinal plant from spontaneous harvesting that characterizes the formulation. From the moment the plant comes into contact with the product, the osmotic relationship of release and exchange between the vegetable and the liquid begins, involving the color, the aroma, but above all the active ingredients.

Cosmetic and plant therefore trigger a process of exchange of their functional components, in which these precious elements continue to live, precisely because their sources live together.


the exchange phases

1. Liquid

Syn 1

3. Symbiosis

Syn 3

2. Exchange

Syn 2

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