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Syn Patent

When nature meets a pure environment, a unique symbiotic relationship is born, where every element lives because it coexists. It is only there, where everything is simply natural, that plants live, releasing and developing their active ingredients. It is from this simple but effective principle that the SYN Patent is born.

SYN, from the Greek together, or as a suffix of symbíōsis “live togethere”, is where nature falls in love with itself. Cosmetics that come from a unique patent, in which plant and product trigger a symbiotic relationship of continuous exchange, possible because it is natural.


Exceptional products that maintain and develop their active ingredients thanks to the fact that the formulations and the medicinal plants of which they are composed live together. 



All our supplements in the NSG format are produced in the laboratories of the SVEBA GROUP, one of the leading European companies for innovation, flexibility and know-how, specialized in the production of plant extracts carefully selected by EVRA, a 100% Italian company with a certified supply chain. EVRA produces, in one of the best preserved natural environments in Italy, plant extracts of the highest quality from both cultivated and spontaneous plants: it is, in fact, located in the uncontaminated territory of the Pollino National Park which in 2015 officially became part of of the Unesco World Heritage Site.