XENIA, The latest frontier in the field of Performance and Wellness products.

XENIA was born in 2005 from an ambitious and stimulating project: to become an ambassador of well-being not only in Italy, but also abroad. Its founders Eugenia Conforti and Mario Partenope have thirty years of experience in the industry of network marketing and direct sales.

XENIA boasts a wide range of products of the highest quality in the wellness, beauty and performance sector, distributed to the general customers thanks to a network of reliable, competent and professional Independent Business Owners.

For over 10 years, XENIA has been a member of Avedisco, the most important direct sales association in Italy, which protects both consumers and Independent Business Owners, guaranteeing the principles and values ​​necessary for a successful and lasting business: Ethics, Correctness, Seriousness and respect for the rules.