Since the company’s establishment in 2005, Xenia® has become a leader in the field of technological clothing, which has a positive influence on people's well-being. Sales of FIBRE ITEMS are increasingly gro wing thanks to our cust omers’ excellent ratings, which have enabled us to reach an ever-larger number of users of our garments thanks to their valuable testimonies.

The inclusion of the Nutry Life phytonutrient line in 2007 boosted our expansion further: thanks to NUTRY LIFE, we are in a position to offer one of the most complete ranges of phytonutrients available in the direct sales market.

X-SENSE, Xenia®’s line of cosmetics and high-grade perfumes, was launched in 2013. X-Sense is a Face Anti-ageing line, a Body NoCell System line (to fight cellulite blemishes). All Xenia® products are manufactured according to top quality standards, which are steadily improved based on our customers’ needs.

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