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The NUTRY LIFE by XENIA product line was born from the need to protect, preserve and improve the well-being of people. Since her birth in 2005 she has always dealt with well-being and now more than ever she carries out this mission with a line of food supplements of the highest quality level possible today.

XENIA's commitment to research and development is very active, since our all-Italian SCIENTIFIC TEAM, made up of doctors, pharmacists, researchers and professionals in the sector, is committed to formulate and produce the best plant-based products available on the market. In fact, there are countless plants that boast healthy properties, but only a few meet the rigorous selective standards applied by XENIA. In addition to plants, XENIA uses SEEDS in its products, which are the richest and most concentrated natural source of valuable nutrients for our health.


XENIA uses a brand new and EXCLUSIVE technology called NSG, NEW SUSPENSION IN GEL, which guarantees a high bioavailability of the nutrients contained in NUTRY LIFE products. The production of NUTRY LIFE by XENIA food supplements takes place through a CERTIFIED PRODUCTION CHAIN ​​OF RAW MATERIALS grown and extracted away from sources of pollution, according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture.



All these UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE attentions and techniques have made XENIA the undisputed Leader in the production and distribution of Gel food supplements.


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