A formula rich in prestigious ingredients that optimize the performance of your washing while ensuring a reduced environmental footprint. The very high percentage of active substances in this product enables using minimal quantities, with considerable economic saving. The Soapwort phytocomplex supports the washing and protective action of the fibres, ensures the skin-compatibility of the product and performs an effective antiseptic action that help Washing Machine Powder eliminate germs and bacteria. Finally, the lack of perfume minimizes the risk of possible allergies or intolerances on the skin, while the absence of traditional chemical additives avoids defibering the clothes, fully respecting both the tissues and the environment. Free from perborate, enzymes and zeolites. Does not contain phosphates. Does not contain potential allergens.

Active already at 40° C. 

CODE: XEG404  

SIZE: 1,3 Kg corresponding to 43 machine washes


Composition: <5% non-ionic surfactant; 5% ÷ 15% soap; 15% ÷ 30% oxygen-based bleaching (sodium percarbonate) Other ingredients: Saponaria officinalis*

* Organic ingredients or medicinal herbs from spontaneous harvesting