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carefully devised, designed and manufactured

Since the company’s establishment in 2005, Xenia® has become a leader in the field of technological clothing, which has a positive influence on people's well-being.Sales of fibre items are increasingly gro wing thanks to our cust omers’ excellent ratings, which have enabled us to reach an ever-larger number of users of our garments thanks to their valuable testimonies.The inclusion of the Nutry Life phytonutrient line in 2007 boosted our expansion further: thanks to Nutry Life, we are in a position to offer one of the most complete ranges of phytonutrients available in the direct sales market.
Nutry Life, along with fibre items, offers an effective solution for improving physical well-being. X-Sense, Xenia®’s line of cosmetics and high-grade perfumes, was launched in  2013. X-Sense is a Face Anti-ageing line, a Body NoCell System line (to fight cellulite blemishes). All Xenia® products are manufactured according to top quality standards, which are steadily improved based on our customers’ needs.

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 Performance and Wellness


nutry iconNUTRY LIFE

XXenia NUTRY LIFE originates from the need and awareness that there is a way to protect, preserve and improve the well-being of people.


cosmetica iconX-SENSE COSMETICS

Xenia X-Sense cosmetic products are formulated with cosmetic ingredients selected among the most innovative raw materials available on the market, as a guarantee of quality and effectiveness.



They are manufactured from special textile fibres, added with elements of natural origin, suited to reflect the infrared rays radiated by living and non-living organisms ("Heat Effect").