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NUTRY LIFE ergänzt
X-SENSE Kosmetik
Textilien & Wellness

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nutry LIFE


Protect, maintain and improve well-being. Manifold variables affect the safety and effectiveness of a product. Among these, climate, temperature, soil and air quality, crop harvesting techniques, storage conditions, production processes and quality control procedures. Each of those factors contributes to determining the overall quality of the product. Xenia NUTRY LIFE’s dedication to research and development encompasses all such aspects, as our scientists are committed to producing the best herb-based products available on the market. There are countless herbs that have healthy properties, but only a few meet the stringent selective standards applied to Xenia. Due to an ageing population and thanks to the marketing of products characterized by proven safety for use, this trend is set to increase considerably. Xenia NUTRY LIFE originates from the need and awareness that there is a way to protect, preserve and improve the well-being of people.


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    NUTRY LIFE originates from the need to protect and improve people’s well-being.

  • ART

    Promotes joint function and normal collagen formation

  • DET

    Promotes digestive function and exerts an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system

  • VIT

    A concentration of vitamins B, C, D, E, beta-carotene, calcium and much more

  • DIM

    Promotes balance of body weight

  • ENR

    Tonic activity in case of physical and mental fatigue. Tonic-adaptogenic activity

  • OM3

    Promotes brain function

  • ANT

    Cacao and vine seeds, pomegranate and goji fruits have antioxidant properties.



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